• In 2005, with the establishment of a branch in Athens, the Athenian-born designer commitet herself with enthusiasm for design culture. The New Acropolis Museum with its unique exhibits takes us into a more than 2500 year old history.

    With the Parthenon notebook daphnedesign® focuses on the Parthenon frieze, and thus on the most famous frieze in the world. The embossed work on the title shows Archon Absileus and a child, holding the peplos; Athena and Hephaestus sitting. This part of the frieze represents the climax of the festival in honor of the Great Panathena.

    With paper masterfully shaped and embossed, this notebook seduces our senses and witness a time, a moment that we can take with us as a souvenir on a journey through the rich greek cultural heritage.


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