• From 1987–1990 Caroline Daphne Georgiadis studied Printing and Graphic Technology with a focus on Positive Retouching.
    > The desire for more experimental, craft and interdisciplinary design in addition to a curiosity in strategic communications resulted in advanced studies for communication design from 1990–1993.
    > Two years as an Art-Director Assistant for the advertising agency DSF & R followed.
    > From 1996–1999, parallel with the completion of evening university studies, Caroline Daphne Georgiadis worked as a freelancer for the design firm “Milch” specializing in culture, environment, and TV design.
    > 1999 saw the founding of daphnedesign® – studio for visual communication.
    > 2005 ushered in the establishment of a branch in Athens, Greece in order to devote time and energy to intensive cultural design.
    > 2011 brought the founding of VDE GBR with Vasso Consola and Ekkeland Goetze. A new passion for Textile Design is born.

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